Strategy Workshop

Strategy Workshop

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Digital Strategy and Planning Workshop


An onsite workshop, held over two days, ideal for annual planning, or new site developments.


The workshop is broken into two half days, ideally within the same week (eg a Monday and Thursday).


The outcome is a comprehensive digital strategy document, delivered as a slide deck with key audiences, channels, tactics and responsibilities outlined.


The workshop efficiently consolidates your company's digital strategy, enabling you to:

  • allocate digital activities in a strategic manner
  • avoid ad-hoc and reactive busy work
  • reduce wastage of ad spend
  • ensure consistent messaging
  • improve quality of targeting, traffic and enquiries

Day 1

On Day 1 we work with you to understand and create an initial draft strategy.

This includes:

  • understanding your business goals
  • discussing your differentiators
  • reviewing opportunities
  • reviewing historical and legacy strategies and campaigns
  • constructing/updating audiences (personas)
  • understanding competitors
  • preparing a draft strategy overview.


Following Day 1 we:

  • research your market, competitors and digital channels,
  • prepare benchmarks, ideas and recommendations
  • includes keyword research, historical analysis and competitor analysis.

Day 2

On Day 2 we regroup to go through the findings and formulate/agree on the strategy.

This includes:

  • reviewing keyword research, competitor research and benchmarks
  • agreeing on target audiences (personas)
  • planning appropriate channels (social, paid, organic, referral)
  • scheduling campaigns and tactical items in an overview timeframe
  • noting KPIs and reporting requirements


The strategy is documented as a slide deck with key channels, tactics and responsibilities outlined.

The strategy document is a standalone deliverable, able to be used/distributed within the business or with external agencies.

The strategy is ideally a key input to the monthly digital marketing initiatives (eg content, SEO, paid and social channels).


The strategy includes coverage of:

  • your business goals, opportunities and differentiators
  • your target audiences (personas)
  • your competitors 
  • the key digital channels you will engage in
  • content strategy 
  • measurement and reporting requirements

Essentially the strategy is a guide for you to provide 'the right content (message) to the right people in the right place at the right time'.

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