Basic Content Pack (Per Item)

Basic Content Pack (Per Item)

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Basic Content Packs are designed to be purchased in multiple each month, depending on how much content you require.

For example, a large site with a mature content marketing strategy might require multiple blog posts per week.


A content pack can include:

  • Research and writing of one landing page


  • Research and writing of one blog post


  • Writing of one newsletter 


For example, if you require 2 blog posts and 1 newsletter you would purchase 3 basic content packs.


  • Includes the research, writing, formatting and delivery of a piece of content via Google docs or Microsoft Word
  • Includes selection and recommendations (plus links) to royalty-free stock images as appropriate
  • Includes selection and purchase of one paid stock image if required


  • Note: does not include the uploading and publishing of the content in a content management system such as WordPress, HubSpot or elcomCMS - please see the HubSpot or WordPress monthly management items for those functions.

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