Ad-hoc Marketing Support

Ad-hoc Marketing Support

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Back Office Marketing Support

Help with general back-office marketing tasks.

We help take the load off you by handling many of yourad-hoc, low-level marketing tasks, including:

  • cleaning up and organising spreadsheets
  • simple graphic design work in Canva
  • preparing images for use on web sites
  • data entry into documents and spreadsheets
  • renaming files and batch tasks
  • updating documents
  • researching sites and pulling together research items
  • adding business cards to spreadsheets
  • importing lists into HubSpot
  • reviewing documents
  • content population on sites (ie uploading content into new sites)

Included Hours

This pack includes 10 hours of support.

You can buy multiple packs of hours each month if needed.

There's no expiry as such, but we request you use a 10 hour pack within 2 months, otherwise it gets uneconomical due to switching costs (ie getting back up to speed on tasks that have been paused a month previous).


As long as we can put the task into a simple process for one of our VAs, we are able to offer it as part of this product.

Once the task requires input from one of our senior team or direct supervision of a task, it is no longer a fit for this service.

We'll discuss with you to advise what can and can't be handled.


As a Marketing Manager you need to be focussed on strategy, lead generation and managing campaigns. Let us help free you up from the lower level admin tasks so you can spend time doing what you do best.

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