HubSpot Sales Setup and Optimisation Half-Day Training - Chatswood

HubSpot Sales Setup and Optimisation Half-Day Training - Chatswood

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Optimise Your HubSpot Sales Hub Portal

Ideal for new HubSpot Sales Hub and CRM customers.

Half-day training at our Chatswood office to guide your setup of all the key HubSpot items in your Sales Hub portal including:

  • Overview of the HubSpot Sales tools and how they fit into typical sales processes
  • Contact settings (views, lists, custom fields and properties)
  • Company settings
  • Setting up Teams
  • Contact lifecycle stages (Lead, MQL, SQL, Opportunity, etc)
  • Deals (views, lists, pipelines)
  • Importing and entering contact details
  • Lead rotation options
  • Sequences
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Templates and Snippets
  • Activity feeds
  • Using with Conversations (bots and live chat)
  • Playbooks (if using Sales Enterprise)
  • Workflows (if using Sales Pro)
  • Documents
  • Outlook and Gmail extensions

Ideal For

This training is ideal for teams who want to work directly on their own portal and focus on putting processes and systems in place.

The training is tailored for your specific company needs and processes.

Not Ideal For

This training isn't ideal for people who just want a general overview and basic walk through of the tools.

For general training we instead recommend working through the excellent HubSpot Academy training courses, including:


  • Training is at our Chatswood training room
    • Level 13, 465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067
  • The training is delivered by our Technical Director, Craig Bailey
  • The session is focussed on your specific company and HubSpot portal, configuring the tool and streamlining your processes - it is tailored for your specific circumstances and requirements


  • Price includes up to 4 attendees

Preparing For the Training

Prior to the training we schedule a call with you to:

  • Access your portal
  • Review any existing setup
  • Discuss your key objectives for training
  • Learn about any specific scenarios or processes you'd like to cover in the training

This helps us to ensure the training is as optimised as possible to your business. (High signal to noise ratio is our goal!)


    You've made a significant investment by choosing HubSpot, make sure you are putting it to optimal use.

    By the end of the training you will:

    • Be familiar with all the main HubSpot Sales tools
    • Understand they work together
    • Understand how they can be use in your company
    • Have the start of a sales process for your business

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