SEO Review, Strategy and Implementation

SEO Review, Strategy and Implementation

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This service includes five key parts:

  1. Regular SEO audit to identify technical issues
  2. Implementation of fixes for technical issues
  3. SEO keyword research
  4. Site content review and SEO keyword gap analysis
  5. Content Strategy plan based on keyword research and content gaps


    Ideal for:

    • Annual web site reviews to ensure the site remains optimised
    • Sites that have started noticing drops in organic rankings and traffic
    • Sites built on either WordPress or HubSpot
    • Small-medium size sites with up to 100 pages.


    The SEO review and strategy not only identifies on-page SEO technical issues, but includes managing their resolution.

    As well as the keyword research findings, the report includes a strategy for content in order to rank for the key terms. 


    1. Regular SEO Audit

    A regular SEO audit of your website, covering:

    • Content
    • Google crawl
    • Sitemap
    • Canonicalisation
    • Images
    • Page Titles
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Site speed
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • SSL implementation

    Note: this regular SEO audit focuses on the main top-level items - it is not as comprehensive as our advanced SEO Audit service. 

    The deliverable is a listing of the key technical SEO items identified on the site.

    2. SEO Fixes

    Based on the regular SEO audit we prioritise the key issues and implement fixes.

    We are able to perform these fixes in sites built on WordPress or HubSpot. For other website platforms there may be an additional cost required to investigate their functionality and SEO options.

    This includes:

    • technical items on the site including page titles and descriptions
    • site settings for canonical URLs and XML sitemaps
    • site navigation and internal linking 

    3. Research

    In this phase we:

    • analyse current keyword rankings
    • perform keyword research to identify high value terms to rank for
    • prepare recommendations for keywords to target (based on search volume and likelihood of being able to rank for them ie competitiveness)

    4. Content gap analysis

    Based on the keyword research findings we:

    • analyse the current site content (content audit) in order to find content gaps
    • prepare a content list for content assets to be created

    5. Content Strategy Plan

    Based on the keyword research, content gap analysis, and competitiveness of terms we:

    • recommend priorities for the content pieces (content schedule)
    • highlight content types (eg pillar pages, blog posts, articles) to use for each


    The phases are delivered in appropriate formats for review eg spreadsheet of SEO technical items, doc of overall scorecard of site issues, list of completed fixes etc 


    Does not include the creation of any of the content assets. The deliverable includes a suggested content plan, along with content formats (eg blog post titles), but does not include the actual creation/writing of the content.

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