Google AdWords Basic Management (Monthly)

Google AdWords Basic Management (Monthly)

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Active management and optimisation of your small-mid size Google AdWords account.


Each month we actively manage and optimise your AdWords campaigns

Your campaigns are setup and optimised by our Google Certified team across:

  • Google Search Results
  • Google Display Network (including Remarketing)

Based on your monthly digital strategy we ensure campaigns are created/paused/updated inline with company goals and seasonal opportunities.

Campaign Optimisation

We ensure all your campaigns are optimised to take advantage of all Google AdWords features including:

  • Keyword management
  • Ad copy
  • Ad extensions:
    • Sitelinks
    • Call-outs
    • Structured snippets
    • Calls
    • Message
    • Location
    • Review
    • Promotion
  • Bidding rules
  • Day parting and mobile bid adjustment
  • Demographic and audience targeting


  • Note: The monthly fee includes management of the campaigns, but NOT the advertising spend. The spend is charged to you separately by Google.
  • Setting up and/or optimising landing pages 


  • AdWords is competitive and expensive. Poorly managed accounts often waste money on irrelevant clicks or low quality score (QS) areas
  • Optimising AdWords accounts ensure budget is spent well, and focussed on the correct areas for the business

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