HubSpot Review (eg Quarterly, Annually)

HubSpot Review (eg Quarterly, Annually)

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Review and Optimise Your HubSpot Portal

Ideal for existing HubSpot customers who have an active HubSpot portal.

Perfect for regular reviews of your portal eg Quarterly or Annually.

Why organise a HubSpot Review?

If you've been using HubSpot for a while chances are your portal has gotten a little complicated with contacts, emails, lists, workflows, pages, blog posts and numerous other areas.

We review your portal and optimise HubSpot marketing items including contacts, reports, lists, workflows and emails.


  • Review all settings and options including:
    • Report settings
    • Contact settings
    • Content settings
    • Social settings
  • Check lists and filters
  • Check Campaigns
  • Prepare smart lists for typical database hygiene activities including:
    • cold contacts (low engagement, disinterested, legacy customers)
    • low contact, high value contacts
  • Review workflows to:
    • highlight potential problems (eg workflows with risky entry and re-enrollment criteria)
    • ensure consistency of naming
    • check internal notification send lists
  • Review Lead Scoring rules
    • Review emails to:
      • highlight old/legacy emails used in workflow automations
      • freshen email design templates
      • optimise internal notification emails
    • Review forms to:
      • add progressive field functionality where appropriate
    • Review LeadFlows:
      • Optimise page targeting
      • Split into separate Lead Flow offers where appropriate
    • Review CTAs:
      • check all CTAs and Smart CTAs for accuracy and performance
    • Review Page Performance:
      • optimise web pages and landing pages for optimal results in Google
    • Updating Keyword tracking
    • Review Competitor tracking
    • Review Reporting Dashboards (if using Reporting Add-On)


      You've been actively using HubSpot for a while now - and things can get overwhelming.

      You made a significant investment by choosing HubSpot, make sure your portal is streamlined and optimised. 

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