SEO Ongoing - Advanced (Monthly)

SEO Ongoing - Advanced (Monthly)

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Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your web site.

This is an ongoing process, and usually follows a separate full site optimisation process.

This item is similar to the Basic SEO service, but includes deeper analysis, in-person strategy meetings, additional content item coverage, management of AdWords keyword testing and increased outreach activities.


      Ideal for:

      • Sites that have been optimised and now require on-going Google improvement
      • Companies who have neglected SEO activities and now wish to rapidly improve organic results
      • Sites being updated or refreshed with new content


      Includes monthly in-person strategy and review meeting.

      Each month we work with you:

      • In-depth report and review of results from previous month's activities
      • Discuss content strategy and campaign priorities for the month
      • Research specific keyword themes related to the content strategy
      • Research competitor activities and relevant campaigns 
      • Prepare keyword terms and copy to be tested in AdWords 
      • Manage AdWords campaigns for keyword testing (either directly or with your AdWords agency)
      • Plan relevant content items to be created and promoted
      • Optimise on-page content items
      • Plan outreach activities to promote content to relevant sites
      • Training on how to use tools (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush)

        The on-page optimisation implementation includes:

        • Canonical URL setup
        • Internal Linking
        • Images
        • Titles
        • Meta Descriptions
        • Social visibility

        Volume of Activity

        As a general guide, the monthly activity includes:

        • planning and optimisation of 5 content items (pages, post, articles)
        • outreach and follow up with 30 shortlisted sites


        • Advertising costs related to testing (any AdWords testing spend within Google AdWords is additional)


        The deliverable each month is:

        • a fully optimised set of content pages as per the strategy doc priorities
        • report on outreach activities and results

        The implementation is managed via our project management system which clients have full access to, and includes all documents (content priorities, keyword research, page optimisation items) and reports on outreach progress.

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