SEO Redirects Implementation

SEO Redirects Implementation

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Ideal for when you are updating your site and need to ensure you don't lose any Google juice.

We work with you to map all before and after URLs, and ensure they are implemented on your new site.

This package includes analysis and preparation of up to 5000 redirects. For larger sites, please contact us for a custom quote.


We prepare the mapping by crawling both your old site, and your new site.

Old Site

Timing wise we can start crawling your old site in the months leading up to the new site going live.

We use a number of tools including:

  • crawling tools such as ScreamingFrog SEO Spider
  • the All pages listing in your Google Analytics
  • landing page data from your Google Search Console account
  • internal listing reports from your content management system (if appropriate)

We deduplicate all the URLs and prepare a complete list of old (or 'before') pages.

New Site

For the live site (or soon-to-be live site) we crawl it once the content is mostly complete - typically this is on a staging site, a week or two before go-live.

We use sitemaps from your new site content management system combined with crawling tools to prepare this listing.

Mapping File

We then prepare the mapping file to redirect all the old page URLs to the appropriate new page URLs.

The file is initially a spreadsheet, and we then prepare it in a format to implement on the server of the new site.


If we are hosting your website (eg WordPress) we implement all the redirects.

If you are using HubSpot we implement all of the redirects within the system for you.

If you are working with another CMS (eg elcomCMS, Drupal, etc) or web company we work with them to provide the file in the most convenient format.

This can include .htaccess file listings as well as web.config mapping files for IIS hosted sites.

Testing and Confirmation

Once your new site goes live we then test all the old pages are redirecting correctly.

We also review your Google Search Console account to check for any new errors that may have been raised, and ensure these are managed for.


Your new site is live and optimised for Google search results so that no old URLs result in errors or loss of 'Google juice'.



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