Social Channel Management (Monthly)

Social Channel Management (Monthly)

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Each month we actively manage your social channels, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


Your social profiles are updated with posts that include a mix of:

  • Content from your own site and assets (eg blog posts, product pages)
  • Content curated from industry sites (eg trends, research, interesting items)
  • Promotions (eg special offers, product announcements)

As part of the monthly fee we:

  • Research, plan and prepare the updates in a social calendar
  • Ensure links are tagged with campaign parameters for tracking
  • Schedule the posts on the platform where applicable (eg in Facebook)
  • Use tools to schedule for other platforms (eg Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Manually update where required (eg Instagram)



Although organic social is declining in many areas (eg organic Facebook page updates get very little reach) it is important to maintain a 'fresh' presence, otherwise visitors to a company page (that hasn't been updated recently) may perceive a lack of interest.

Other channels (eg Instagram) are still providing opportunities for organic reach, and are important to update regularly.

By ensuring all social channels are updated, business brand and perception is maintained.

Organic social posts can also be used as inventory to promote via paid social channels.

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