Strategy and Planning (Monthly)

Strategy and Planning (Monthly)

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Monthly Digital Strategy and Planning

Analysis, planning and scheduling of digital strategy items.


Each month we analyse the results of the previous month and historical activities, and work with you to review, update and prepare your digital strategy.

As part of the review we conduct analysis across the following areas:

  • keyword research changes
  • competitor analysis
  • social channel trends.

and incorporate them into the strategy.

We then use the strategy to plan tactics across your digital channels and allocate them in our projects system, including:

  • content creation (eg blogs, landing pages, content assets)
  • paid channel management (eg AdWords, Facebook Advertising)
  • social channel (eg Facebook updates, Twitter management)
  • outreach initiatives (eg influencers, referral sites).

You have full access to the projects tool to provide transparency across all the activities, and the regular updates on the results achieved.


Ideally we meet with you in-person to review, discuss and agree on the strategy.


All research and scheduling is maintained in projects system, which you have full access to.

Progress is recorded within the projects system, ensuring you have full transparency on updates and results.


  • The monthly strategy is ideal for ensuring digital activities are focussed on business goals, important campaigns, and optimised for ROI
  • It ensures time and resources are not wasted on ad-hoc or non-performing items
  • Provides a regular agenda for incorporating new business initiatives quickly.

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